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7 Inches Of Glory Or 7 Inches Of Fail?

The Dell Streak sports a 5 inch screen and has received several critical reviews about its size – too small for a tablet and too big for a phone.  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab isn’t a phone so it can’t be too big for a phone, but could it also be too small for a tablet?

When you compare screen sizes 7” and 9.4” seem fairly close in size.  Samsung’s Android Tablet’s screen is only 25.5% (2.4”) smaller.  That doesn’t sound bad at all right?  Wrong.  As we can see in the picture below, that translates to the device being half the size of the iPad.

There are pros and cons to a smaller device.

Pro Con
Hold with one hand Less screen real estate
Easier to travel with
Potential higher pixel density

Thinking of cons was actually harder than I thought it would be.  The only con I could think of was the obvious one – the screen is just smaller!  A smaller screen means less room to touch, smaller screen for watching videos, shows less of a webpage, and just smaller everything!

Of course I did list more pros.  Smaller screen and about the same amount of pixels equals higher pixel density.  Now a high pixel density on a Super AMOLED screen would be surreal.  It would look better than real life.  Also it makes the device smaller making it easier to hold and travel with.  At the end of the teaser trailer it had a photo of a person gripping the entire device with one hand.  I can’t imagine that is very comfortable, but it is nice to know that it is possible!

Is a smaller screen better?  In this case I would say no.

What do you guys think?  Would you rather have a larger, smaller, or the same size screen?

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