Can the Galaxy Tab replace your netbook/laptop?

To answer this question I believe it is essential to first list what you use your netbook/laptop to do.

  • Consume news via the web
  • Social networking
  • Play flash games
  • Write papers for school
  • Watch videos on YouTube
  • Listen to music
  • Webcam with friends
  • Instant message
  • Read and reply to emails
  • Get directions via Google Maps

Those are ten common uses on laptops and netbooks today.  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will not only have to be able to do all of those, but will need to perform them excellently.  Let me go through them one at a time.

1. Consume news via the web – Newspapers are all but obsolete because of how easy it is to consume news on the web.  The Galaxy Tab boasts a full web experience bringing the desktop experience right to your fingertips, wherever that might be.  This effectively combines the mobility of newspapers with the information powerhouse of the web.  You are no longer constrained to your stiff computer chair to ingest your news.  Instead you can go back to sitting on your sofa with your morning brew.

2. Social networking – I don’t need to tell you how popular social networking has become in the past five years.  People of all ages and demographics check their Facebook and Twitter several times a day.  Android has many apps and widgets for staying up to the minute on these social networks, not to mention the same web experience you’d get on your pc with its built in browser.  Clearly social networking isn’t going to be an issue on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

3.  Play flash games – Play silly flash games can be a fun way to kill some time.  Since the Tab runs Anroid 2.2 it will have Adobe Flash 10.1 out of the box.  Flash games probably will not work as well as they do on your computer, but they are still playable!  Oh and have you heard of this thing called the Android Market?  Well there is well over 50k apps on there now – including games.  These games were built specifically for touch screen Android devices!  This means that they will be optimized for your tablet and play just as well as flash games do on the computer.

4.  Write papers for school – Students have to write dozens of papers per year and need a device to write them on.  Any tablet would have to include a good word processor.  There is no official way to use bluetooth keyboards on Android.  Dell’s Streak tablet includes this capability, so it is not out of the question for Samsung to add it as well.  Without it, writing papers would prove to be an arduous task.

5.  Watch videos on YouTube – Millions of people already enjoy YouTube on their mobile phones, but it is not the same experience one would get on a computer.  A 7 inch tablet like the Tab on the other hand could prove to be better than a computer at this.  Watching HD or HQ videos in bed, on the bus, or anywhere would be awesome!  Laptops can do this too, but their screens are not as vibrant and the device is much less portable.

6.  Listening to music – The Galaxy Tab has the potential to be a great music player.  Android already has great software in place for playing your own music files, as well as music streaming services such as Pandora.  Samsung just has to include a decent speaker for it to be a good listening experience.  Of course even if it isn’t that great, it will sport a 3.5mm jack for external speakers or headphones.

7.  Webcam with friends – Several devices such as the Dell Streak and HTC Evo 4G already include front-facing cameras for webcamming.  The experience will be similar on the Tab since it also includes a front and back facing camera.  Apps like Fring let you video call your friends on their mobile devices or on their computer.  This will be a great experience no doubt for webcammers everywhere.

8.  Instant message – In a world of SMS and Tweets some might argue that instant messaging is obsolete, but I’d disagree.  Millions of people instant message including me, and any tablet I would buy would need IM support.  Built on Android, the Tab has access to the full Android Market which includes numerous instant messaging programs for any service that you need.

9.  Read and reply to emails – Android’s notification system works great!  You’ll know as soon as you receive a new email.  Just open up the email app and you can start reading immediately.  Samsung also tweaked the standard app for a dual panel approach making it iPad-esque.

10.  Get directions via Google Maps – Directions will not be an issue for the Galaxy Tab.  Not only will it include Google Maps, but it will likely have Google Navigation giving you turn-by-turn directions.  Now if you need more directions than that, good luck to you.

Can the Galaxy Tab replace your netbook/laptop?  I say yes.

Reply in the comments below with your opinion.  What other features does it need in your book to trash your laptop?  Did I leave anything out?  I want to hear what you have to say :)

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  • rupertio

    No, it cannot replace the lapto. You cannot write on it offline in Thinkfree, and if you write a memo document, you can’t get it into your PC for editing. Unless you need ot for media stuff, or internet work, or -mail, or gaming, the tab is useless!!!

  • Duckm001

    I would say it cant replace the laptop, but would replace a netbook. I would only ever use a netbook as a more portable laptop, and a tab would cover that EASILY! My laptop, however, is rather hench with a whooooooooooole load of memory etc so it would never outdo it >< When tablets came out I kinda thought they were pointless, however now that i am in the market for a more portable device to do my business emails etc on it seems rather logical. Plus I reckon the galay tab is just the right size, whereas others i.e. ipad and streek are a little too large, so it is even more portable than a netbook. I really want one now…

  • Bethel Dinampo

    I can’t wait to have one

    • Guest

      wait for honeycomb , froyo kinda sucks

  • kobra_kobra

    and CD/DVD/blueray,……… usb,………….??????????????