Galaxy Tab Accessories Leaked – Keyboard, Charging Station, And More! seems to have found the accessories on Samsung’s website or from some other source. It is a standard set of accessories and nothing unexpected, save the keyboard.

Continue reading to see pictures, descriptions, and pricing.

Leather Bag/Case/Stand
Price: 41 Euros ($52)

USB Cable Adapter
Looks almost identical to Apple’s 30 pin connector and the Dell Streak’s USB cable.

Ear Buds
It has inline controls and possibly a mic.

Table Charging Station
Price: 54 Euros ($69)
With HDMI and speaker access – this makes me think that there is no HDMI port on the device itself. At least there will be an option to have HDMI out through this station, but it would have been nice to have it on the Tab itself.

Price: 82 Euros ($104)
An 83 key keyboard that will likely be powered by the device. In my post about whether or not the Galaxy Tab could replace your laptop/netbook, I explained why a keyboard attachment was a must for writing/working. It is good to see that there will be an official option for this.

TV Cable
Price: 20 Euros ($25)

Even if there is no HDMI port on the device, at least there is a cheap alternative for projecting onto the big screen.

Car Charger
Price: 48 Euros ($61)
Major ripoff.

Black Ear Buds
In case you are too cool for white ones.

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