Galaxy Tab Is 100% Official With A Teaser Trailer To Lust Over

Today Samsung launched a teaser trailer for the upcoming Galaxy Tab. There were rumors before of it being called the Galaxy Tape, but I guess those can be squashed.

The trailer is only 20 seconds long but sheds light on some key features.

  • TouchWiz UI Confirmed
  • Split Screen Email View – Much like what is seen on Apple’s iPad
  • Swype Pre-installed
  • Wicked Calendar UI
  • Samsung’s All Share
  • Augmented Reality
  • Navigation
  • E-Reader
  • HD Movie Play
  • Flash Support
  • Video Calling – Pretty much confirms front camera
  • Full Web Browsing – Clearly
  • Looks like there could be a LED flash on back camera
  • Touch sensitive Menu, Home, Back, and Search buttons
  • Portable 7″ Screen – The show a hand gripping the width of it
  • September 2, 2010 in Berlin, Germany – Announcement date and place

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