Android Market receives sweet new update

Thought the Android Market was lacking features? This new update might have fixed that for you!

Instantly you will notice the changed user interface. A carousel of apps will present itself upon the top of the home page. As you dig deeper into the individual app pages you will notice that there are no longer tabs to switch between About, Comments, and Related. It will all be found on the same page. I’m not sure if this is an upgrade or a downgrade though.

Besides the UI there are some new features, my favorite of which is the addition of new categories. The two categories that were added are Widgets and Live Wallpapers. Since I first started using Android, I thought there should be a dedicated widgets category. I could not be more excited about this change.

Google is now being more generous with their application hosting now. They have upgraded the maximum file size for their hosting from 25 MB to 50 MB. This is obviously a bonus to all app developers who can’t afford to host their own apps.

The last major change is potentially a downgrade to users. Instead of a full 24 hours to uninstall and receive a refund for the app purchase, Google has decided to drastically reduce it to 15 minutes! Their reasoning is that 90% of all refunds happen in the first 15 minutes, but even app developers are griping about this problem. Developers of more complex applications want to at least have an hour before the refund time runs out. Users won’t be able to try all of the features in that small period of time and it could potentially turn them off from even purchasing it in the first place. Game developers are ecstatic about this change though. Many users would download the game, beat it, and return it within the 24 hour period.

That about sums up all the changes to the market app. You might not receive the update for a few weeks though. Google is slowly flipping the switch to all the devices.

Source: Android and Me

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