App Of The Week – Google Reader

This week’s installment of App of the Week is for the Official Google Reader app. The men and women at Google really took their time releasing this one. Just about every Google service has a dedicated app from Google Goggles to Google Buzz.

Google Reader is the best RSS reader available on the web.

As a heavy user of Google Reader, I always was frustrated by the lack of an official app. In most cases official apps trump 3rd-party ones. Before this past week I have been using Reader in the browser. Now I can happily say that I am in love with the new app.

Using the new app I can do everything I can on the web version. These features include starring, folders, mark all as read, sort-by options, and more!

Here are some quick tips from Google.

A couple harder to discover features we’d like to highlight:

  • Volume-key navigation: if you enable this in the settings, you can navigate by using your phone’s volume keys for next and previous
  • Long-press on a folder or subscription to bring up a contextual menu that lets you rename, unsubscribe or change folders
  • If you hit the menu key on an individual item, you can use the “send” feature which integrates with other apps on your phone to send the item using any 3rd party app

Although the UI is nothing special it does the job well and is eye-pleasing enough for daily use.

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