Verizon launching refreshed Galaxy Tab with LTE and 1.2 GHz

CES is full of surprises, good ones so far. Verizon just announced that it is launching a new version of the Galaxy Tab on their 4G LTE network. Of course it will also work on their 3G network.

Additionally Verizon and Samsung felt the need to increase the camera’s resolution from 3 to 5 MP. This is a welcome increase. The camera never seemed to impress me, but hopefully this one will.

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Honeycomb 3.0 shown off at CES, Exclusively for tablets (Video)

Google finally decides to give us an official preview of the OS that all Galaxy Tab owners have been dying for, Honeycomb. In the video, it says that the new OS was built entirely for tablet.

Instantly you can tell that this is unlike any Android OS you have seen before. Sure there are widgets, but the whole user interface has changed, in a good way. The UI is packed with 3D transitions and other cool effects.

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