dolphin hd

App of the Week – Dolphin HD

This weeks app is Dolphin HD, a replacement to your default browser app. I myself am I recent convert, but I can’t see myself switching back.

Dolphin HD is not noticeably faster or slower in loading web pages, but it is faster at navigating the web page after it has been loaded. The default browser app loads a checkered-box pattern in areas that aren’t cached. Dolphin HD on the other hand doesn’t ever show checkered-box patterns.

Double-tapping a paragraph in Android zooms in and formats the text to fill the screen. Dolphin HD is much faster than the default app at this.

Dolphin HD is theme-able, add-on-able, gesture-command-able, tab-able, and so much more!

You can download it by searching on the Android Market for Dolphin HD, using the QR code, or by clicking this link on your Galaxy Tab.

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