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App of the Week – Tank Hero

Tank Hero is an epic new game on the Android Market.  The app is free, but ad-supported.  Don’t worry about that though, because they are no more intrusive than on games like Angry Birds.

This game could have easily been a 2D game, but the developers went one step further and made it 3D.  The graphics are beautiful because of this choice.

There are two modes of play – Campaign Mode and Survival Mode.

Campaign Mode consists of several levels of increasing difficulty.  The goal is to kill all of the other tanks.  Most of the tanks will explode after being hit once, but the red tanks take several shots.

Survival Mode is my personal favorite.  You earn credits after each level to purchase cannon upgrades and ammo.  There are four different types of cannons:

  • Stock Cannon – The stock cannon fires in bursts of three and is capable of reflecting off of walls to hit enemies in hard to reach places.
  • Spread Cannon – The spread cannon fires a salvo of bullets covering a wide area of attack.  This is useful for taking out multiple enemies at the same time.
  • Heat Seeker – The heat seeker cannon fires bullets that identify and home in on enemy tanks.
  • Howitzer – The howitzer cannon fires explosive shells that cause damage around its area of impact.  It is also capable of firing over walls and other obstacles.

You can download this game for free by searching for it in the Android Market, using the QR code, or following this link on your Galaxy Tab.

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  • http://twitter.com/iraqitheboss theboss

    amazing i really like it …
    its so addicting and good quality on galaxy tab
    but only one problem i faced that i have to tab more than once to chose on option
    not good response from the app i dont why :S