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iLogic Earphone Review and Unboxing

It is very likely that you already have headphones, but that does not mean that this review is not relevant to you. Headphones often need to be replaced since they break easily, so maybe this could be your new pair of headphones.

This is the first accessory review and unboxing for the Galaxy Tab available on It is of the iLogic Earphones that run for around $5.

Headphones are an accessory that is crucial for using your Tab in public to its full potential. If you want to watch a TV show on the bus for example, you don’t want to disturb others around you by using the built in speakers. That would be rude.

The headphones feel cheap and are made from a hard plastic. There were foam pads in the box, but I could not manage to put them on. Even though they do feel cheap, they are not uncomfortable. I was expecting the worst coming from a pair of premium in-ear buds made from rubber.

The sound quality was very average. Unless you are an audio buff though, you will not find fault with it.

These headphones are an incredible value for only $5. Obviously they are not going to hold a candle to headphones ten times their price, but they do provide decent quality without the fear of wasting money by losing or breaking them.

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  • Drake

    Thanks. I bought a pair.

  • melii rivera

     Wtf my dont work and i bought 2 of them and the left one is missing 2 sets of green wires!!!!

  • Your_mom

    mine don’t work … and i just bought them …

  • Samblevins01

    Mine dont work.

  • Valene

    bruh i just bought some and they dont work i want my money back.!!

  • Tim

    They suck… like my first four pairs died in a week. The fifth i just got has problems with the right ear bud..

  • Losiento

    I have bought two different sets in the past three weeks.  Both sets are now broken.  I guess you get what you pay for…