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President of Samsung Mobile lets us know that a Galaxy Tab roadmap is coming

Were you hoping that Samsung would announce, or at least tease, the Galaxy Tab 2 at CES last week? I know that I was. The President of Samsung Mobile, JK Shin, told the world that their plans for the Galaxy Tab line would be announced next month at Mobile World Congress.

Here are my predictions for the Galaxy Tab 2. It will have a 7 inch Super AMOLED display, which will kick the butt out of the LCD display the current model is rocking. There is a good chance that a 10 inch model will also be announced. The next-gen tablet will almost certainly be dual-core. And of course it will run the latest version of Android designed specifically for tablets, Honeycomb.

What are your predictions for the Galaxy Tab at MWC?

Source: Engadget

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