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Sprint Galaxy Tab drops $100, now $299 on-contract

First we see US Cellular drop down to $199 on-contract. Next Verizon shaves $100 off its off-contract model. Now Sprint is joining in on the fun.

The question of course is, is it worth it? Now there is no definite answer to that, but here are the facts to help you make an informed decision.

It will cost you $299 plus $30 for two years, assuming you go with the cheapest plan. That puts you just on the other side of $1,000.

Verizon sells their Tab for $499 and doesn’t require any contract. Also Verizon is launching an updated model soon.

A Wi-Fi only version is well on its way.

Plans for the Galaxy Tab line will be announced next month at Mobile World Congress.

Is $1,020 a good deal for you? It does come with 2 GB of Sprint’s nationwide coverage per month, but you will be locked in for two years. What do you think? Is it too little too late, or a steal?

Souce: Engadget

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  • trek024

    Try your wifi with Clear

    • Doctor Doolitfle

      I did. I got their little pocket unit for about $50.00 and 2gig for about$19.99/month. It doesn’t work everywhere, so check with Clear to determine if it works where you want to use it.