Top 5 Android apps for college students

You have probably heard that college is the best time of your life.  It can also be the most difficult.  Between presentations, papers and exams some things go by the wayside.  Here is a compilation of five free Android apps that will help you get the most out of college.

1.  Facebook for Android – Have you seen The Social Network? If you have, then you know that Facebook was designed for college students.  When you are in class, just pull out your Tab and check out drunken pictures of your pals.

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2.  Voice Recorder – If you are anything like me, then staying awake in class is hard work!  After staying up all night “studying” there is no hope for me.  Voice Recorder helps by recording the lecture so you can listen to it later when you are actually awake.  Just be sure not to snore over your professor.

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3.  Blackboard – Blackboard is probably the largest college mainframe.  If your college supports it, then you can check your homework on the go.  Also you can get your teachers email address to let them know that your research paper might be late.  Of course you can do all of these things with the browser, but you can’t beat a dedicated app.

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4.  Algeo – Chances are you are going to be forced to take some math classes.  Algeo is a graphing calculator and is pretty self-explanatory.  You can do anything you could do on a normal Texas Instruments graphing calculator with this app.

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5.  Wapedia – Teachers hate Wikipedia, but I won’t tell if you don’t tell.  Wapedia is a dedicated Wiki application.  It can pull pages from several Wikis including Wikipedia and Wikiquote.  Just be careful that you aren’t reading an Uncyclopedia page.

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These are just my top five apps for college.  What apps do you use?

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