Verizon getting aggressive with Galaxy Tab pricing? Now only $499 without contract?

According to this leaked promotional photo, Big Red has decided to drop the Tab down from $599 to $499. At this price point Apple must be getting scared. The $499 iPad has 16 GB of storage, and now the $499 Galaxy Tab has 16 GB of storage and 3G!

You might be thinking, “Big deal, US Cellular has the Tab for $199 on two-year contract.” While that is true, this price come to you contract-less!

The icing on the cake is $60 in movie rentals via either Samsung’s Media Hub or Blockbusters app.

There are also reports of stores willing to refund you the $100 if you bought the Tab at the previous price of $599 in the past two weeks.

Cross your fingers that this comes to fruition.

Source: Droid Life

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