1.4 GHz Overclock Available for Sprint Galaxy Tab

Was the 1.2 GHz overclock not extreme enough for you? Hopefully this will get your adrenaline pumping. Bauxite over at XDA recently released version 2.0 of his overclock kernel. Even though the kernel is on version 2.0, the developer still considers it extremely alpha code.

If you still want to proceed then you must have a Sprint Galaxy Tab. There is not yet support for the Verizon Tab on this version. Also there is no EXT4 support either. If you do not know what that means, then do not try to overclock your Tab. You will likely brick or damage it.

So far the reports are mixed. Some were able to flash the kernel without a hitch, and others bricked their device.

The installation instructions are the same as before. Just flash the zImage over to your Tab in download mode. The process should only take a few seconds. After you have successfully flashed it, you need to install the voltage control app.

Are any of you brave enough to overclock your Tab to 1.4 GHz?

Source: XDA

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