App of the Week – Androidify

This week for App of the Week, we are featuring an application made from Google themselves, Androidify. With this app you can make yourself look like a Google Android!

kyle androidify

This is me!

Google released this fun, free app about a week ago and has been downloaded between 1,000,000 and 5,000,000.

Making an Androidified version of yourself or friend is an easy and enjoyable experience. Use two fingers to adjust the size of certain body parts, tap to change the way they look, or click the hanger in the bottom left hand corner for more advanced control.

Google made sharing easy too. Just click the icon in the lower right hand corner and use your favorite method of sharing to show your friends what they look like as an android.

There is a chance that Google might integrate this further into Android just like the Nintendo Wii did with their Mii’s and Microsoft Xbox did with their Avatars.

Watch the video below and see exactly how it works. Then go ahead and download Androidify from the Android Market.

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