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How much will the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Cost?

There is no official answer yet from Samsung, but there have been rumblings about what the price might be.

The Motorola Xoom, a nearly identical tablet, is being released this month in Wi-Fi and 3G/4G for $600 and $800 respectively. It will be the first tablet released with Android’s new Honeycomb operating system and will have it exclusively for a short period of time. Because of Motorola’s exclusivity, it can afford to charge slightly more for the tablet. Once the other Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets come to market, it is safe to say the prices will get a lot more competitive.

The original Galaxy Tab launched for around $600 for the Wi-Fi + 3G variant. Motorola’s Xoom will be $600 just for the Wi-Fi only version. Samsung can charge $600 maximum for their Wi-Fi only version because of this. They can however get away with charging $700 for the Wi-Fi + 3G model. With a two year contract, it will probably run for about $400 though.

Samsung dropped the ball on the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab the first go around (which has yet to be released), but hopefully they will pick up their game and release a Wi-Fi only version of their second generation tablet at the same time as the Wi-Fi + 3G version.

So will the Galaxy Tab 10.1 cost more than its predecessor? Yes and no. The Wi-Fi + 3G model will likely be about $100 more than the $600 found on the original. However if Samsung releases a Wi-Fi only version, it will be the same price as the original or lower.

How much are you willing to pay for the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

P.S. – If you are interested in learning more about the Motorola Xoom, a good friend of mine launched a website dedicated to it.

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  • Gchese24

    I have been waiting to buy into the tablet market for honeycomb to be released, but the thing that interested me most about the Galaxy Tab was its size. Its more portable than the Xoom and Ipad. But now it sounds like they are also moving to the same size as the others. Do you think they will bring to market a 7in tab at some point as well? Is a 7in tab to small to handle the processing power that is needed to run honeycomb?

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      If they do bring in a 7 inch tab, I believe it is a few months or more
      off. The hardware on the existing 7 inch Tab is more than capable of
      running Honeycomb, so a more powerful 7 inch Tab could easily run

      Kyle Dornblaser

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  • Barutib

    It seems that the iPad 2 has put serious pressure on Samsung (i’m sure Motoral too) so they may be forced to reduce the price to below iPad 2 levels to move their product.
    I like Honeycomb but 100 apps vs 65,000 apps, for most buyers in the market for a tablet its no contest. Now that iPad 2 added what has become basic in the tablet market (2 cameras and dual core chip) price is going to be critical. (My family has an iPhone, iPad and a 7″ Tab and the Android apps have a way to go catch up).

  • Charles E. White

    Why not make it $5oo and leave it at that?!