Sprint Tabs get an OTA Update. UPDATE – Works on Non-Activated Tabs

Sprint pushed out an update earlier today. It is not Honeycomb or even Gingerbread. Just some simple maintenance.

If you are not activated with Sprint, like me, then it is likely that this OTA (over the air) update will not work for you. Following the update instructions diligently I am given an error message after five minutes of it checking for a firmware upgrade. Sprint did say that it will be pushed out to users over a period of four days, so that could be the cause.

Do not fret if you cannot install the update. It only includes a few new LCD supplier drivers, QIK software update, and Exchange email fixes. Chances are you do not need this updates anyway.

To update your Galaxy Tab over the air

  1. From the Home screen, tap Menu
  2. Select Settings > About My Galaxy Tab > System updates
  3. Choose either Update Android or Update Firmware
  4. Your Samsung Galaxy Tab will automatically download and install any available updates. You may need to power it off and back on to complete the software upgrade.

Update: The update is being pushed out by Google, so there is no need to be activated with Sprint.
Source: Sprint

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