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Vodafone Portugal Prices Tab at €699

We finally got our first price tag for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, €699. That translates to about $960 USD. If you live in the US though, do not freak out. The 32 GB iPad Wi-Fi + 3G runs for € 711 in Portugal and $729 in the US. Electronics always seem to be priced numerically the same in every currency, even though the actual dollar amounts vary greatly.

The only other Honeycomb tablet that has a price tag is the Motorola Xoom. It is launching tomorrow in the US for $799. So right off the bat the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks to be cheaper. Hopefully it keeps this price point when it hits stateside and pray that we actually get a Wi-Fi only model too.

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What do you think of these prices? Are they right within your price range or too high?

Source: Vodafone

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