A Few Months Later – List of Apps That Don’t Scale up to the Galaxy Tab’s Resolution UPDATE – Sadness

On the first day of 2011 I started to construct a list of all the apps that did not scale up properly to the Galaxy Tab’s resolution. I asked for your help and boy did I get it! Now a few months later we take another look at the list.

Back then it seemed like half of the apps in the Android Market were not capable of scaling up and it just looked terrible. Sure you could use Spare Parts to force it, but that just caused problems. I have gone back and checked every application on that list and found that nearly all of them scale up perfectly.

Check out the master list.

The ones that scaled up flawlessly have been crossed out. Most of the others have at least made improvements to their app for higher resolution screens, but it still looks slightly wonky on the Tab’s display.

I for one am psyched that developers have made such strides in these short months. If you have any other applications to add to the list, then please leave a comment on the list’s page.

Update: RLJSlick pointed out that one of the apps actually still wasn’t working. I went inquiring and installed spare parts. I got it back to how it should be, with it not scaling properly. Then I went and tested each app and most of them still do not scale all the way. Now I have to figure out why my Tab was scaling them even without Spare Parts installed. Maybe a Sprint OTA Update installed something to force full screen. Have any other Sprint Tab owners noticed that the apps on the list do take up the whole screen? Thanks.

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