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App of the Week – Opera Mobile

Everybody knows that the default browser blows, but there is a lot of debate about which third part one is best. The most recent update of Opera Mobile has given it a chance at the title.

The first thing about Opera Mobile that you will notice is how fast it is. Check out these page load time scores to see for yourself. It loaded this website in as little as 5.6 seconds. Opera’s speed is not limited to page load time, but includes how smooth pinching to zoom is. It has a framerate that rivals iOS’s Safari browser. Unlike Safari, and every other mobile brower, it won’t ever give you a checkerbox pattern when zooming or scrolling.

Opera’s flash implementation is not as great though. Even the default browser can handle it better. That is ok though, because 90% of the time I do not need flash when browsing on my Galaxy Tab. When I do I can just open it up in another browser. A minor inconvenience, but very manageable.

The homepage sports Opera’s classic dialpad with your nine chosen websites ready to be loaded up. Each website is designated with a thumbnail preview of the website.

Go ahead and give Opera Mobile a shot. Search for Opera Mobile Web Browser or click this Android Market link on your Galaxy Tab or computer.

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