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Galaxy Tab 10.1 debuts in a must see Android HD Video

Minutes ago, I was laying in bed browsing the web and catching up on news via the Pulse News Reader when I came across a YouTube video uploaded earlier today. For the next twelve minutes I watched it on my Tab and was amazed with the real life testing of the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s power.

The video itself was incredibly well done with camera angles and scenes changing every few seconds.

The browser gets demonstrated a good bit in the video and it is absolutely amazing! It is the default Honeycomb browser that we have seen on the Motorola Xoom and it looks at least as smooth as seen there. Needless to say, a third party browser will not be necessary for the Tab 10.1.

I have never been an advocate for rear facing cameras on tablets, and especially high resolution ones like the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s 8 MP sensor. Earlier today I read a comment on a blog that said taking a video on a tablet is like cutting steak with a chainsaw, it is just overkill. While that is true, he quality of the photos taken on the new Tab’s camera by AndroidHD are much better than expected though. You can see them below.

The few seconds of video chat looked on par with Apple’s FaceTime, but is still nothing to write home about. It will get the job done though.

What do you guys think about the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the video below?

Source: Android HD

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    This will KILL the iPad2 !!!