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Honeycomb on Galaxy Tab Almost a Reality, Video Coming Soon UPDATE – Video

We all have been waiting patiently for Honeycomb on the Galaxy Tab, but our wait may soon be over. XDA is pulling through once again and bringing us a Honeycomb port. I have been following the developer, spacemoose1, since he first posted in early March his intentions to port the latest version of Android.

I have held off on posting until there was some decent progress. Earlier today he posted letting us know that touch input now works. He will also be posting a video tomorrow of his port, even though he warns that some of the drivers are not working properly.

The device that spacemoose1 is developing on is CDMA, not GSM. Specifically the Verizon model. Do not worry though, as the port will eventually work on all versions. Check out the post from the developer below.

That’s a good question, one I was avoiding addressing as long as possible (until I knew more). My device is a vzw cdma, so naturally, my build will be for a CDMA tab… however, I think all I may have to do is compile a separate kernel (which will be pretty simple,) and tack on a few drivers. Theoretically, it won’t be much more trouble to do both tabs at about the same time (though the CDMA tab will come a few days before the rest.) Ideally, I’d like the build to use a script to allow the user to select a driver/settings set for any tab, but I’m not there yet. Basically, if the port works for one tab, it will work for all tabs (with a few small modifications). The differences are actually small.

This post will be updated as soon as the video is uploaded, so stay tuned for that. Also once spacemoose1 finishes and releases the port, please consider donating to him (or maybe her because the paypal email is to a Michelle) if you plan on using it.

Source – XDA

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