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Knockoff Galaxy Tab to be Released, comes with Honeycomb

This is what Engadget would call a KIRF (Keeping It Real Fake) device. Just a half-baked attempt at making a device that looks nearly identical to another more famous product by an unknown company. The company AnyDATA is responsible for creating this deformed cousin of the original Galaxy Tab.

The knockoff, AMD 120/810, looks fairly good on paper but will likely fall apart the first day you own it. It has two versions, one with a 1.2 GHz CPU and one with a 1.5 GHz CPU. Both of the CPU’s are Qualcomm Snapdragons. It also has a WSVGA display, which is the same resolution of the original Galaxy Tab. There is also a whole slew of features such as GPS, USB, Bluetooth, and more. No reason to keep going because buying this would be a disgrace to anybody with a shred of self respect.

The most interesting thing is that it has Android 3.0 Honeycomb preinstalled with a rip of TouchWiz 3.0. If this clunky paperweight has Honeycomb, then why can’t current Galaxy Tab owners have it? Oh well, XDA has got us covered.

Source – Hot Hardware

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