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Samsung Developing Insanely High Resolution Displays for Future Tablets

Samsung plans on developing extremely high resolution displays for tablets years out in the future. The Galaxy Tab has a 1024 x 600 resolution with ~170 ppi.

The next round of displays will likely have a 200 – 300 ppi, which is close to what Apple determines is the resolution required for the human eye to not differentiate between pixels. These tablets will be able to squeeze out 8 hours on one charge are labeled as thin.

Closer to 2015, the Galaxy Tab displays will have resolutions of 300 – 400 ppi and are Ultra Thin. Most astoundingly is that they will have even lower battery consumption and get 10 hours of life on a 24.8 Wh battery.

Samsung is holding out on the whole 3D fad until it sees how many consumers react to it. If they do decide to go into the 3D market, then they foresee developing glasses-free 3D displays as well.

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