Samsung Hires Actors for Samsung Mobile Unpacked Episode at CTIA?

Last week at CTIA when Samsung announced the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung had a video testimony of three people about what they thought about the Galaxy Tab. One used the original 7 inch, the next a 10.1 Tab, and finally the last used the brand new 8.9. All of them had nothing but good things to say about the tablets, which is not that surprising, but how they conveyed the message seemed phony.

Blogger, Harry McCracken, did a little research on the real people giving these testimonies:

I was curious to learn more about them. So I Googled around and couldn’t find any references to a travel-writing Joan Hess (one with, as she said, a following on Twitter) or a real-estate CEO Joseph Kolinski.

I did notice, however, that freelance travel writer Joan Hess bears a striking resemblance to New York actress Joan Hess:

And that real estate CEO Joseph Kolinski could be New York actor Joseph Kolinksi’s twin brother:

Filmmaker Karl Shefelman, on the other hand, looks a lot like… filmmaker Karl Shefelman. Who works for a New York production company. One that’s done work for Samsung.

So it looks like Samsung did hire actors and give them a script instead of actually getting candid remarks of the Tabs. Not too big of a deal in my opinion though.

Do you care that Samsung hired actors and portrayed them as real people endorsing the product?

Source – Tech Dirt

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