WiFi-only Galaxy Tab Coming April 4?

Back at CES we heard about the WiFi-only Galaxy Tab, but we have not heard anything since. Now it looks like it will be released early next month for $399.

Seeing as how the original Galaxy Tab with 3G radios can be found for under $500 currently, I do not think the WiFi-only version will be able to sell many units. Perhaps the price point will fall and put it into a far more competitive price. At $300-400 it will certainly shut up all the Archos fans that always find their way to this website.

Also with the new dual-core Galaxy Tab 10.1 just around the corner one would be hard pressed to purchase the one of the original models.

What do you think? Will the WiFi-only Galaxy Tab be a flop or will it be a success? Have they finally found the right price point?

Source: Droid-Life

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