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Aegis by Trident Case Review

A few days ago I unboxed this case and the more I used it the more I liked it. At first it did not exude an awe factor and made me think negatively about it.

The case has two parts, a soft rubber case inside of a harder plastic shell. Its hard plastic shell comes in six different colors – blue, yellow, black, red, pink, and ballistic green.

Putting the case on is frustrating to say the least. The shell has to be forced over the soft silicon and then you have to make sure all the ports are lined up correctly. For the first five minutes my Galaxy Tab was booting on and off because the case was not completely on and was holding down the power button.

Another concern with the case is the port covers. They are difficult to open and some seem as they might break after a month or so. None have torn off yet for me thankfully. The flimsiest cover is the one covering 3.5 mm jack. Thankfully it is the least used port on my Tab so it can stay closed. The power and volume rocker is noticeably harder to use with the case on. Conversely, having all of the ports completely covered can be a good thing as it will undoubtedly save them from dirt or water damage.

There is no denying that the case feels comfortable in the hand. The hard plastic shell has a sort of soft touch feel to it and the silicone areas are obviously soft. My Galaxy Tab is far more comfortable in the case than ‘naked.’

Two part design offers great protection
Frustrating to put on
Flimsy port covers

Style-wise, this case is a fairly good looker. Nothing you would look twice at, but still easy on the eyes. Though I have noticed that the black rubber areas either attract dust and dirt or just show it off more.

As stated before the case is protected very well and covers all of the ports. This also helps with drop protection. All four corners have the black rubber exposed which will greatly reduce the chance of damage from drops. Also the case has a small lip on the front of the device that will prevent the screen from touching the ground in the event of the Tab falling screen first. It also means that you can leave it face down on a table if you desire.

Just like with anything, the case has its downfalls, but overall I do not think that you can go wrong with this case. You can buy it on Amazon or for $30.

Rating: 8/10

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