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Alpha Honeycomb Port Available Now for CDMA Galaxy Tabs – Video

Spacemoose1 posted the the Alpha port on XDA about eight hours ago. Since then I have been desperately trying to install it. Even with next to no experience with installing ROMs, I was able to finally achieve it.

The port only works on CDMA Galaxy Tabs at its current stage, Alpha-040211. It was developed on a Verizon Galaxy Tab, but will work on Sprint Galaxy Tabs as well. I know this for a fact because I have a Sprint one.

It took me about eight hours to install this bad boy. The reason for this is because I had to figure out how to convert from EXT2 to EXT4.

Being in its early stages, the operating system is extremely buggy and next to nothing works. There are a few apps that will open, but do not really do anything. You can change the wallpaper and add widgets too. Almost everything else does not work. I have noticed in my few minutes using it that the camera, wifi, and sd card do not work.

Obviously the port is unusable because nothing works, so do not download and install it unless you really just want to play around with a very buggy version of Honeycomb.

Be sure to donate to spacemoose1 for making the first step towards Honeycomb on our Galaxy Tabs. If you do not trust that donate link, then go to the XDA page and click Donate to me on the left.

Source – XDA

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