App of the Week – Taskos

It might be 7:12 PM EST, but App of the Week is still coming as promised for Monday. Today I am introducing you to a very useful application that can help you get rid of that handwritten to-do list. That app is Taskos.

Personally, I do not get anything done unless I write a to-do list, so this application is invaluable. Just open up the app and you have your list on your beautiful Galaxy Tab. Adding new tasks is simple and there are two ways to do it. Touch the top input box and either type with the keyboard or use speech-to-text by pressing the microphone on the top left corner. Then just hit the plus sign.

Removing finished tasks is even easier. Just give swipe over it as if you were to strike a line through the completed task.

Also included in the free application is two widgets – a 4×4 and 1×4. The larger is essentially the application scaled down to show the listed items as well as the box to add new ones. The smaller only shows one item at a time and only allows speech-to-text input.

The biggest bonus of all is that it will sync with your Google Tasks.

Go ahead and give it a try and see if you are not more productive than usual.

Download: Android Market

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