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Free Beautiful Looking Weather Widgets

You are bound to find some treats if you browse XDA long enough. I found some beautiful weather widgets based off of the MIUI design. MIUI is one of my favorite skins of all time. It is made by a Chinese company for knockoff iPhones, but looks fantastic!

The widget is still in beta, so it is a bit buggy. For instance, clicking on the widget brings up a more detailed weather overlay that does not scale up completely to the Galaxy Tab.

There are two different widget styles as you can see from the image to the left – one with a clock and one without. Both are included in the package so you can choose whichever one fits your needs.

Currently theses widgets are only available in the United States and Europe. The developers are working hard to getting weather information for other cities around the world so stay tuned.

Head over to the XDA Forums to download and install. The .apks are attached at the bottom of the first post and you need to be registered to download. There are six different .apks, one for Europe and five for the US broken up into different state ranges.


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