Samsung Galaxy Tab-10.1V

10.1V Available May 4 in Australia

Some people are still excited about the release of the Galaxy Tab 10.1V and have been waiting desperately for a release date. It looks like that day is here. PC And Tech Authority have the scoop.

Samsung’s original 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab, the 10.1V, will be available in Australia via Vodafone on May 4th. If you preorder the tablet, then you will get it three days early on May 1st. Preorders start April 20th.

Preorder or not, you get the free case pictured in the left. Hey at least that will save you about $30 on buying a case.

The tablet itself will cost you $729 off-contract. Vodafone also offers a one year contract. It will only be $259 on this contract with a $39 monthly fee for 1.5 GB of data. Let’s do the math – $39 monthly fee over 12 months = $468. $468 plus the original $259 = $727. So the on-contract model actually saves $2. There must be a mistake somewhere down the line because that does not make sense.

Source – Unwired View, PC And Tech Authority

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