How to use AllShare – An Introduction to DLNA

What is AllShare?

You may have noticed the shiny blue icon that came preinstalled on your Galaxy Tab and wondered what the heck it was. Well you are not alone. AllShare is a DLNA client that allows you to stream content through your wireless network.


Digital Living Network Alliance, or DLNA, is a non-profit organization whose goal is to set standards that make sharing media in the home simpler. About 440 million DLNA compliant devices are installed in end users homes, so it is likely that you have one and did not even realize it.

The most common use for DLNA on the Galaxy Tab is to stream media (music, videos, pictures) to it from your personal computer. This can be an daunting task, but it really is not that hard. Windows has great features for sharing media built right in to Windows Media Player. On Windows 7 you can click the Stream dropdown box and select automatically allow devices to play my media. This will give your Galaxy Tab access to the media files on your PC while on your home Wi-Fi network.

Open up the AllShare application on your Galaxy Tab and you should see at least two options under the left column labeled Server – My device, and your PC. If you want to stream from your PC, then select PC. You can then select My Device to connect and stream PC to Galaxy Tab. This is the most common and basic task.

There are of course other cooler tasks that require additional hardware. For instance you can stream media from your Galaxy Tab to your DLNA equipped TV by selecting My Device as the server and TV as the Display Device. What is even more remarkable is the ability to stream from one device to another and using the Galaxy Tab as the middle-man. For instance, you could stream a movie from your computer to your TV and use the Galaxy Tab’s AllShare app to make it possible. To do this select the server, your PC in this scenario, and the display device, the TV, and then your Galaxy Tab can choose what to play onto your TV.

Pretty nifty.

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    How do I transfer a video from all share to my home screen? I have a Galaxy 10.1. When I travel, I cannot watch movies livestream, so it has to be on my home screen.