bell 399 galaxy tab

No-Contract Galaxy Tab from Bell for $399

$399 for a Galaxy Tab, sign me up! Keep in mind that this is in CAD though which is around $413 USD and €292 Euros. Still a pretty good deal considering the Galaxy Tab came out around six months ago for over $600.

You could of course wait a few more days and get a WiFi-Only Tab for $399 USD. If I were presented with a Galaxy Tab with 3G radios and one without for the same price, I would choose the one with the 3G connectivity 10/10 times. The reason for this is because you always have the opportunity to get 3G services if you one day choose to buy a month to month data plan.

How much did you pay for your Galaxy Tab and was it on or off contract? I bought mine for $636 (including tax) off contract.

Source – The Galaxy Tab

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