Verizon Software Update EC02

You hear that Verizon Galaxy Tab owners? Verizon is showing you some love and updating your software. Obviously this is not Honeycomb, or even a Gingerbread update, but who does not like updated software?

Soon your Tab should get a notification letting you know that the update is available. If you choose to install later the notification will reappear every 30 minutes until you install the update. So you might as well just get it over with. According to Verizon the 34.6 MB update should only take 5-10 minutes to download and 5 minutes to apply the update.

Update Details

Web Browsing and Data Access

  • Enhanced browser performance and speed.
  • Searching for Wi-Fi hotspots no longer negatively affects battery life.

Email and Messaging

  • Access hyperlinks directly within email messages.
  • Time displayed on the status bar will accurately reflect when the latest email was received.
  • Easily manage and download 2000-2003 Word documents attached to email messages.
  • Send multiple name cards with the “Select All” feature.
  • Successfully open 5MB video attachments from email messages.
  • Font size change in email remains when replying to messages.

Additional Device Features

  • When using the alarm feature. the second alarm will still sound even if the firs t alarm is snoozed.
  • Fixed Time Zone calendar setting ensures calendar events are accurate. regardless of the time zone you are currently in.
  • Adobe” Flash’” player version has been updated to version

Source – Verizon via Droid-Life

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  • RLJSlick

    Haven’t seen a thing yet!

  • NM92

    Me either!!

  • Jeremy

    I like how this update installs an older version of Flash. Fortunately, the update failed half way through so I don’t have to go back and fix everything. I’m holding out for the Android 4.0 update (ice cream)…

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      That probably means that the update was finished about a month ago. What I want to know is why even include it in the update and not just let the Android Market updater take care of it.

    • Jblalock77

      The great thing about this update is it enables HID support. That makes it worth having to “fix” flash methinks…. ; )

      • Kyle Dornblaser

        Can you download flash 10.2 from the market?

        • RLJSlick


      • Ddempsey

        Absolutely worth it! It also enables VPN. Big plus for me.