App of the Week – FlexT9

Samsung’s default keyboard has always served me well. I was also happy that the innovative keyboard Swype was also included on the Galaxy Tab. Neither of them were entirely perfect. The Android Market has dozens of quality keyboards, but FlexT9 won my heart.

It is a hybrid keyboard bringing all the best ways to input text into your Galaxy Tab – speak, trace, write, and tap.

The speech-to-text component is powered by Dragon Dictation, an extraordinarily powerful piece of software. A few tests proved that it is as good, if not better than the pre-installed Google speech-to-text application.

Tracing was first made widespread by Swype a few years ago. It was revolutionary and even broke the world record for fastest text input. It never seemed that robust to me though. There were way too many errors and it just felt buggy to me. FlexT9 handles tracing like a champ though. A few errors here and there, but great all around.

Writing is the slowest and least practical method packaged in the keyboard. To use it you must draw out each individual letter. The OCR software is top-notch, but it is just a very slow way to input text.

Last is tapping. This is the classic way to enter text on a touchscreen phone, via an onscreen keyboard. This is my second most used option on the keyboard after tracing. Of course it handles tapping phenomenally.

All this good comes at a price though. I was lucky enough to get it for free on Amazon’s free app of the day. Now it will cost you $4.99.

Download: Android Market

(beware of horrendous music)

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