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Galaxy Tab 10.1v Suffering from Screen Bleeding

It seems that an unusually high amount of Galaxy Tab 10.1vs are experiencing screen bleeding. Screen bleeding is light that seeps through the sides of the LCD screen. Don’t know if yours suffers from it? There is an easy way to test it.

First download this black image. Then go into a dark room and turn the brightness on your Tab all the way up. If your screen is not black (see the picture above), then you are suffering from screen bleeding.

There is no way to fix screen bleeding, so contact Samsung or Vodafone for a replacement as soon as possible.

Source: XDA

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    I’ve got a light bleed but look what vodafone said, that its not a fault.

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    Galaxy Tab Light Bleeding

    Some customers have brought their Galaxy Tabs to stores complaining
    of a fault with light bleeding on their Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is not a
    fault with your Galaxy Tab 10.1v


    What is Backlight bleed?


    The entire surface of an LCD screen is backlit
    from behind by a light source (CCFL light) and the LCD blocks out the
    light that is not needed.

    Backlight bleeding occurs when this light is not
    100% blocked allowing some light to “bleed” through the LCD causing
    spots of lighter areas on a dark or black background. Unfortunately,
    almost all LCDs suffer at least a small amount of
    backlight bleed because the opacity of LCD panels is not enough to
    block all light.


    you believe your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v is experiencing a fault, feel
    free to visit a Vodafone store or Service centre who will happily
    confirm if your device has a fault through normal DOA process, or simply
    some backlight bleeding due to the nature of an LCD screen.