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Original Honeycomb Port Updated to 3.1

There development behind the Honeycomb port halted a month or so ago, but spacemoose1 is back to work! Apparently spacemoose1 has still been working on the port and just had not updated, but now (s)he will be updating more since finals are over. The most recent update was the latest build of 3.1 integrated.

What works:

  • USB access
  • SDcard is now recognized
  • Capacitive buttons remapped and fully functional
  • Multi-language support is fully integrated
  • All sensors now function 100%
  • New gralloc built from GB AOSP and edited to compatibility for HC
  • Taskbar now visible
  • On-screen keyboard functional
  • Camera works (partially)

What I’m working on right now:

  • Wifi: correct module now loads, but I’m still having trouble getting it going, making progress though, likely to be fixed soon.
  • 3G: the hardware is now recognized, but I haven’t gotten it to communicate with the system quite yet.
  • GPS: It loads its module, it responds to function calls, but it doesn’t work for apps yet
  • Kernel: Working on a new Kernel. Trying to move away from the Boushh kernel. First version should be done soon.
  • Graphics system overhaul: this is the big one. I’m mapping out the entire graphics system and logging the contents of all related files so I can get a bigger picture of what’s going on. No definite ETA, but it is at the top of my priority list.

Source: XDA

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