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Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab 10.1 for $399?

Into Mobile is hearing things around the water cooler that the rest of us are missing. Apparently they believe that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that is launching June 8th will be a mere $399 instead of the previously announced $499. If this is true, then Samsung gets a humongous win in my book.

Smartly, we’re hearing that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi will probably land for about $399 before taxes. This is a great way to counter the juggernaut that is the Apple iPad 2 and I can tell you that this device seems like every bit the equal of the Apple tablet.

This is a great way to expel the complaints from the masses crying out for microSD support. Those expecting to pay $499 for 16 GB can just pay the same price and grab a 32 GB version or just take the $100 cut and stick with the 16 GB.

Into Mobile is a reputable website, but I still have a fair amount of doubt that Samsung will sell the Galaxy Tab for $100 less than they announced a few months ago. Either way I am sure we will find out more May 24th at Samsung’s event in New York.

Source: Into Mobile

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  • http://twitter.com/Sci3nc3 Clinton Buhr

    When I heard the original pricing I decided I’d wait and pick up an Asus Transformer this summer but if this is true I’m back on board with Samsung.