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App of the Week – Google Music

This week’s App of the Week is Google Music. The Google Music player is a decent app on its own, but what makes it extraordinary is its cloud features. Google can store up to 20,000 songs on its servers for you to enjoy on literally any device via a web browser, or on Android with the Google Music app.

I have never met anybody with 20,000 songs and that includes people who get their music through alternative means. So if you have over 20,000 songs and want them all stored on the cloud, then the Google Music beta is not for you. If you are a normal person with less than 20,000 songs, then you will love this new service.

The Google Music app automatically shows a grid of all of your album art that is stored locally and on the cloud. If you want to make items available on your Galaxy Tab even when you aren’t connected, then you can pin them to your device. Songs are automatically cached to your memory when they are played, so you can always listen to your most recent songs.

Playing a song from the cloud took less than a second to start playing after being selected. It is nearly as good as having it stored on the Galaxy Tab itself. Why not store it on the Tab though? Well because you have limited memory on the Tab (especially the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with no microSD slot).

This service is invite only for the time being so request an invite below.

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