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App Review: Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope has been on the most wanted list of android gamers everywhere, and the wait is finally over. As of right now you can currently download an ad supported free version of Cut the Rope from, but it appears that a 99 cent ad free version of the game is hitting the official Android Market in a few days. Is this iOS port worth your time and cash? Right now it’s hard to tell.

First off, it should be noted that Cut the Rope really is a fantastic and unique puzzle game. It’s one of those mobile games that features that near perfect ratio of difficulty and addictiveness that makes for a deeply enjoyable experience. In fact much of what ZeptoLabs did with Cut the Rope has now been copied by dozens of other apps. The idea of levels that can be completed by simply reaching the goal, or going for a perfect score by collecting stars makes for a split level of difficulty appealing to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

I’ll admit, when i opened this app up for the first time, i didn’t hold my breath. I’ve played my fair share of poor quality ports before and I wasn’t sure if ZeptoLabs and Chillingo could live up to the hype they’ve created. However so far I’ve found Cut the Rope plays quite smooth on the Galaxy Tab 7. There is no lag or frame skipping to speak of once the game is up and running. In addition to smooth gameplay, the Android version of Cut the Rope features every level pack, and update released for the iOS version. Unfortunately, the app suffers from occasional freezing load screens, which are an annoyance to say the least, and can hopefully be eliminated with future updates. If the app freezes it’ll require a restart to play again, however if it loads properly the game plays perfectly. Depending on the frequency of these freezes, (for me it happened like 20% of the time ) it’ll make or break the experience.

Perhaps the real story here is how Cut the Rope was released. Like Angry Birds did a year ago, Cut the Rope is currently (As of 6/26) a Getjar exclusive. The Getjar version is free and ad supported, however there are rumors that when the app hits the Android Market it will be ad free and 99 cents. Cut the Rope is the latest story in the app store wars, with sites like Amazon and Getjar duking it out by offering free exclusive apps. While a few years from now this may cause a fragmented selection of apps, i recommend living like there’s no tomorrow, and downloading a big time app for free.

Download: Cut the Rope From Getjar

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