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App Review – Kami Retro

Every now and again we come across an app that truly shows how the original Galaxy Tab 7 can still hang with the latest and greatest tablets out there. Enter: Kami Retro, a new title from game developer Gamevil (of Zenonia fame) . With a unique yet gorgeous art style and tight controls, Kami Retro skyrocketed up my personal game favorites list, very fast.

The premise is simple, guide the protagonist Kami through an obstacle course of bottomless pits, enemies, and anything else the game decides throw at you collecting stars and bonuses along the way. To begin a map, you press a start door, which will make Kami appear, you then must follow him along his course and keep him safe, oh and by the way, he never stops running. What separates Kami Retro from other platformer-esque games on Android is the concept of juggling multiple characters at once. After you start the map and open the floodgates, you may find yourself controlling 4 clones of Kami at once, leading to truly hectic and addicting game play.

While the game can get complicated, thankfully the controls do not. Jumps are carried out with a simple flick up touch gesture, and turning is done with a left to right swipe. Overall the touch mechanics make for a control scheme that is simple to grasp, but difficult to master, and it complements the game play quite nicely.

The app scales beautifully on the 7-inch Tab. You will find no jagged edges or blurring here, and the 8 bit inspired retro art style with its vibrant colors makes an makes the game a site to behold. Unfortunately, the free version of the game (which right now is the only version) has a healthy slapping of ads on the main menu screen, but make no mistake, a few ads cant ruin what is overall a must download game for any Galaxy Tab owner.

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