ASUS Live Wallpaper

Get ASUS Transformer live wallpaper on your Galaxy Tab

Your fancy new Galaxy Tab 10.1 might want a little taste of the ASUS Transformer’s live wallpaper. It is just water with ice cubes that will react based on the accelerometer. XDA member sano614 was able to port it over from the Transformer.

You will need to follow the XDA link below to install the wallpaper. (Note: you must register with XDA before downloading) Choose the file named MyWater_signed.apk and install it on your Galaxy Tab just as you would install any other apk.

The XDA post also has the static wallpaper of the tree and weather widget.

Video of it working on the Xoom.

Download from XDA

Original Galaxy Tab owners let us know in the comments if it works on your Froyo/Gingerbread models.

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  • Naseem Saadeddine

    just FYI this wallpaper doesn’t work on Galaxy tab 7inch original. I tried it myself and no luck and been confirmed in that xda forum post. :(

  • ridsa

    work on galaxy tab 8.9

  • D.

    Works wonderfully on the galaxy tab 8.9 😉

  • D.

    Works wonderfully on the galaxy tab 8.9 😉

  • Leogtoliveira

    Work on Galaxy tab 7 but no ice textures…

  • Doughnut

    not working with my 7.7 either..same with the asus day scene live wallpaper..only weather widget works

  • James Lee

    Thanks! Installed it on my Galaxy Tab 7.7. Works perfectly. Water just looks a little teal blue for some reason.

  • debfj

    Worked perfectly on my Note 10.1 Thanks!

  • LOBO1969

    Tried on my Asus Transformer TF101 with JB 4.3 and it has a black block on top of water instead of icecube