How to switch keyboards on the fly on Honeycomb

Coming from Froyo on the original Galaxy Tab, I had trouble figuring out how to switch keyboards. I was used to long pressing on a text field and then being able to switch between them. This is not the case with Honeycomb though. It is actually much easier!

When the keyboard is on the screen a little icon will appear in the notification corner (see photo above). Just give that a tap and all of your keyboards will pop up. By default there is the white Samsung keyboard and the darker Honeycomb one. The keyboard I am using is called Thumb Keyboard. My friend at Xoom Out showed it to me and I would highly recommend it to anybody. Another keyboard you might want to try out is Swype 3.0.

Now do you really need to swap keyboards that often? No you probably do not, but when you do need to switch to a new keyboard you will know how.

What keyboard do you use?

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