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Samsung releases Galaxy Tab 10.1 kernel source code

It looks like Samsung Mobile has released the source code for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Now this is not the Honeycomb operating source code that many have been waiting for Google to release to the public, but it is the source code to the kernel. A lot of manufacturers have been releasing source codes of their products to make developing for them easier. It begs the question as to why Samsung locked the bootloader on the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

The folks over at XDA already have a few methods for achieving root access and will definitely be glad that the kernel source has been released. Now they can get started on making overclocked kernels. The Motorola Xoom with the same NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip has been overclocked stably to 1.6 GHz. I personally will definitely flash a 1.2 GHz – 1.4 GHz kernel as soon as it is available.

Thanks quixin!

Source: Samsung via Twitter

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