Friend Me

App of the Week – Friend Me

This weeks application is Friend Me, a Facebook app for Honeycomb. There are not that many Honeycomb-specific apps out there, and even fewer that are any good, but this is a good one.

Friend Me works exactly how you would expect it to. When you open it the first thing you see is your news feed. From there you have five different tabs to navigate between – News, Profile, Friends, Photos, and Games. Yes Games in on the list! This app actually lets you play your Facebook games on your tablet. It does open them up in a browser inside of the app, but it is almost a seamless experience.

The app just looks good and is definitely the best Facebook application I have ever used on any platform.

You can download Friend Me now from the Android Market for free.

Edit: Friend Me is temporarily unavailable on the Market, but should be back up soon. You can read more about it here. It is back on the Market.

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