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App of the Week – Thumb Keyboard

Honeycomb was built for landscape operation and that means most of the time you are going to have to type in landscape. How are you going to spread your fingers over that 10.1 inch screen if you are holding it? You can do it but it will not be easy. Instead why not download a keyboard designed with large screens in mind – Thumb Keyboard.

Thumb Keyboard provides a simple, natural way to input text on your massive tablet. It just breaks the keyboard in half so that your thumbs can reach all the letters. You also get the added benefit of having an abundance of extra buttons in the middle including arrow keys and a full number pad!

You can customize this thing a good bit. There are seven different themes to choose from if things get stale. Also you can change some keys out for others that might fit your needs better.

This app will cost you about $2.49. I do not download many paid apps, but I can definitely endorse this one. You will never want to go back to any other keyboard!

Android Market: Thumb Keyboard

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