App Review: Digitally Imported Radio

Are you a dubstep addict? Trance fan? Maybe 8-bit chiptune music is your thing. Electronic music fans look no further, Digitally Imported Radio has everything you could want and more.

DI Radio is an excellent internet radio streaming service for the low low price of free. What makes this app unique from others like Pandora, is that Digitally Imported Radio is (as the title implies) all about electronic music. Where some sites/apps may have a single  “electronic” genre, DI Radio has dozens of sub-genres of electronic music from the popular dance and dubstep stations, to the more niche such as chiptune and “tribal house”. Streaming over Verizon’s 3G network resulted with fairly high quality audio, but Wi-Fi produced slightly better sound quality overall.

This app is a must have for fans of electronic music, and those who enjoy refined internet radio.

Android Market: Digitally Imported Radio

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    Awesome! I had no idea the existed. Thank you!