Galaxy Q, a 5.3 inch phone/tablet hybrid?

Last summer, Dell released its 5 inch Dell Streak which made people start to think about the phone/tablet hybrid possibility. Samsung is rumored to be working on the same thing. The rumor is that they will announced a 5.3 inch phone called Galaxy Q this September at IFA 2011.

The report suggests that the phone will have 4G connectivity via an LTE connection as well as a Super AMOLED Plus display. I have played with Samsung’s 4.5 inch Infuse, which packs a Super AMOLED Plus display, and the screen is beyond stunning. The only drawback is that the screen resolution is stuck at 800 x 480. If Samsung can bump the resolution up to say qHD (960 x 540), then no other screen could hold a candle to its beauty.

Would you be interested in a 5.3 inch phone by Samsung?

Source: Yahoo via Slash Gear

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  • Naseem Saadeddine

    I will say yes… I am already in love with the 7″ size… and a 5.3inch seem good as well… the reason why I prefer those tablet hybrid sizes is because;

    1) they have the “just right” size to browse internet and read RSS for hours (something can’t really do on a smartphone and the 10″ is just big to carry with you all day long)
    2) will fit as a perfect size for GPS NAV in your car
    3) will fit in your pocket (10″ will always need a bag)
    4) you still get a great size to watch movies and play games

    we have an ipad as well, and the iPad ended becoming a bed time/sofa tablet for browsing and playing games and it seems that is most need.

    I have the Toshiba Portégé that is 900grams and 13.3inch with an i7 processor is light/thin/small enough to beat any 10″ tablet in productivity and functionality… therefore I still feel the 10inch tablets are just netbooks

    on the other hand the 7inch is perfect.. i carry it full day non stop and I use it to the max with VPN and logmein connected to my laptop at work I can finish business tasks on the go with this 7inch tablet/mobile.. and when i need to carry a bag my Toshiba will be ready 😀

    just my two cents 😀

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