Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Dock

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Dock Review

One thing that has kept many users from adopting touchscreen devices is the lack of a physical keyboard. Tablets are large enough to be docked onto keyboards though. Today I am going to review the official Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Dock.

My first experience with the dock was bad to say the least. It took me forever to get the keyboard to work! After a long search on the internet, I found the solution. Power off the Galaxy Tab, place in dock, and then power on. Since then it has paired flawlessly each time.

While the keyboard was indisposed, I got a chance to admire the beauty of the hardware. The design is simple and elegant – a keyboard with a slot for the tablet. The keys have good resistance and it does not feel more cramped than a small laptop’s or larger netbook’s keyboard.

The response time on the keyboard is instant. There is absolutely no delay between the time I press a key and the time the letter appears on the screen.

Easy to type on
Increases productivity
Sometimes buggy

Of course the keyboard has plenty of Honeycomb specific keys including back, home, application switcher, lock, brightness, media controls and app tray. The placement of the back key is absolutely perfect in the top left of the keyboard (where the Esc key would be).

The keyboard has a USB charging port so keep your tablet powered. Also it has a 3.5mm jack in the back of the keyboard to hook up to external speakers.

This $79 ($69 on accessory can make tapping out an important email feel as natural as writing it on your computer. The keyboard is buggy at times, but I believe that it was optimized for TouchWiz UX and will work perfectly with it. You can purchase it now from Samsung and Amazon.

Rating: 8/10

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